Colombian Sign Language

This page reports feedback that has been received for the Ethnologue description of this language.
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Sociolinguistic Varieties

Barreto, Alex, Thu, 2015-03-12 15:54
ISO 639-3: 

There are at less three diastratic varieties: Cali (South-West) Bogotá-Eje cafetero (Center), Caribe (Noth) with relevant lexical and prosodic variation. Cortes y Barreto (2012) Also, there are at less one specific tecnolect in process of spreading throughout country associated to Fundarvid (Tree of Life Foundation for Deaf). Barreto, in process. MA in Anthropology Dissertation, Fundarvid: An ethnographic contextualization of their neologism in Colombian sign language. (National University of Colombia)

Signwriting and Visagrafía Systems

Barreto, Alex, Thu, 2015-03-12 15:39
ISO 639-3: 

There are exploratory use of Suttton's Signwriting and native Colombian sign writing system Visagrafía and

Editorial Action

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