Chinese, Huizhou


A language of China

Alternate Names
Hui, Huizhou

4,600,000 (2000 census). Jixi dialect: 988,000; Xiuyi dialect: 861,000; Qide dialect: 798,000; Yanzhou dialect: 638,000; Jingzhan dialect: 134,000.


South or southeast Anhui Province, Huizhou region, Jixi, She (Xi), Ningguo, Jingde, Tunxi, Xiuning, Yi, Qimen, and Dongzhi counties; north and west Zhejiang Province, Chun’an county, Jiande municipality; northeast Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan, Dexing, and Fuliang counties.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Jingzhan, Jixi, Qide, Tunxi, Xiuyi, Yanzhou. Formerly considered part of Jianghuai dialect of Mandarin Chinese [cmn], but now considered by many a major dialect of Chinese. Dialects reportedly differ greatly from each other. Different from Huizhou dialect of Hakka Chinese [hak].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: 91% (2000 census, Han nationality). Highly literate in Chinese and they use that literature.
Han script, Simplified variant. Han script, Traditional variant.
Other Comments

Majority officially classified as Han nationality.