A language of Pakistan

Alternate Names
Doma, Dumaki

340 (Weinreich 2011), decreasing. Concentrated mostly in one village (Van Driem 2007).


Gilgit district, areas north, mainly Hunza valley, Mominabad village; Big Nagar, Punyal; Shishkat; Gilgit, Shishkat; Oshkandas east of Gilgit, and Bakor village.

Language Maps
Language Status

8a (Moribund).


Loanwords from Shina [scl] and Burushaski [bsk], but not mutually intelligible. Lexical similarity: 40% with Gilgit Shina [scl].

Language Use

Home. Elderly only. People of Mominabad report 100% bilingualism in Burushashki [bsk]. Also use Shina [scl] or Urdu [urd].

Other Comments

Ethnonyms: Bericho, Dom, or Doma. Not all Doms speak Domaaki; most speakers concentrated in Mominabad and Hunza. Muslim.