A language of Chad

Alternate Names
Dasa, Daza, Dazza

331,000 in Chad (2006). Population total all countries: 381,000.


Kanem and Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti regions, Borkou, Ennedi Est, and Ennedi Ouest departments, north of Lake Chad. Also in Niger.

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Language Status

3 (Wider communication).


Similar to Tedaga [tuq]. The Azzaga dialect, the speech of the Azza, a caste division, is different from Dazaga. Its relation to Dazaga and speech of the Azza among the Teda is not known.

Language Use

Most also use Chadian Spoken Arabic [shu].

Language Development
Newspapers. Radio programs. Dictionary. Bible portions: 2006.
Latin script.
Other Comments

Distinct from Daza [dzd] in Nigeria, which is Chadic. L1 users known as the Gorane. Muslim.

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