Maninkakan, Eastern


A language of Guinea

Alternate Names
Eastern Malinke, Kankan Maninka, Malinké, Mande, Maninka, Southern Maninka

3,000,000 in Guinea (2012 V. Vydrin). 73,500 Wasulu. Population total all countries: 3,531,800.


Widespread in Kankan and northern Faranah regions, except Siguiri prefecture. All urban areas in Guinea. Also in Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone.

Language Status

4 (Educational). De facto language of national identity.


Amana (Kourousa), Baliya, Gbereduu, Maninka-Mori (Mori), Toron, Wasulunkakan (Wasolon Maninka, Wassulu, Wassulunka, Wassulunke, Wasuu). Maninka of Liberia is the same as Maninka of Guinea (Eastern Maninkakan), Bambara [bam] of Mali and parts of Senegal is not vastly different. Eastern Maninkakan of Côte d’Ivoire is similar to Bambara; Western Maninkakan [mlq] of south central and southeast Senegal is considerably different. Lexical similarity: 92% with Wasulunkakan dialect, 79% with Sankaran Maninka [msc], 72% with Konyanka Maninka [mku].

Language Use

L2 for a considerable part of non-Manding population of Guinea, especially in the Guinée Forestière Region.

Language Development
Literacy materials taught in school. Dictionary. NT: 1932–1966.
Arabic script. Latin script. N’Ko script, used in Guinea.
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