Salvadoran Sign Language


A language of El Salvador

Alternate Names
El Salvadoran Sign Language, Lengua de Señas Salvadoreñas, LESSA
Language Status

4 (Educational).

Language Use

LESSA is in use in families with generational deafness, in public deaf education, within deaf associations, at churches with interpreted services, for distributing information on the internet, and for official interpretation for the government of El Salvador. The growth and spread of deaf education using LESSA suggests that the percentage of LESSA users will increase. Multigenerational deaf families all use LESSA. Some deaf communities (about 25% of deaf population) use American Sign Language [ase] in the western region, mixed with LESSA; Costa Rican Sign Language [csr] is used in the eastern region, mixed with LESSA by about 15%. Positive attitudes towards literacy in Spanish [spa].

Language Development
Literacy in written Spanish is increasing. Taught in primary schools.
Other Comments