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I would suggest some changes

Beñat Garaio, Thu, 2015-03-12 06:01
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ISO 639-3: 

Basque is a language of both Spain and France *Vascuense ---> Vascuence is the correct form, although it is a pejorative term Also you could add this names for the language: euska, euskerie Population: the total population of all territories is 3.005.670, since Basque is spoken in the Basque Autonomous Community and Navarre Foral Community (currently belonging to Spain) and the Northern Basque Country (belonging to France) The total amount of speakers is 714.136 Dialects (Basque names are preferred): - Western dialect (Mendebaldeko euskalkia) - Middle dialect (Erdialdeko euskalkia) - Navarrese- Labourtan (Nafar-lapurtera) - Navarrese (Nafarrera) - Souletin (Zuberera) And disappeared: - Eastern Navarrese Dialect (Ekialdeko nafarrera) - Alavan (Arabar euskalkia) Other comments: The name of the Basque region is Euskal Herria (the country of the Basque language). Euskadi is the equivalent form of the Basque Autonomous Community Besides, I would like to ask you whether you could provide me the data (or the research) on Basque last names, Basque origin Spanish inhabitants and so on. I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance and kind regards, Beñat

Editorial Action

The dialect information for Basque [eus] in both Spain and France has been revised for the 19th edition, based on information from this feedback.