Guianese Creole French


A language of French Guiana

Alternate Names
French Guianese Creole French, Guyanais, Guyane, Guyane Creole, Patois, Patwa

50,000 (1977 SIL).

Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


None known. All French creoles of the Caribbean are somewhat mutually inherently intelligible (Goodman 1964). Intelligibility of Saint Lucia Creole [acf] is 78%, of Karipuna Creole [kmv] (Brazil) is 77%.

Language Use

L1 for over 30% of the population in the capital. Most important rural language. Educated people speak it, but avoid it. Low status. Not taught in schools. Some decreolization taking place. Also use French [fra]. Used as L2 by Carib [car], Emerillon [eme], Wayampi [oym].

Language Development
Dictionary. Grammar.

Latin script [Latn].