Ghanaian Pidgin English


A language of Ghana

Alternate Names
Kroo Brofo, Kru English, Pidgin, Pidgin English

5,000,000 (2011 V. Velupillai).


Accra and southern towns.

Language Status

3 (Wider communication).


Similar to Nigerian Pidgin [pcm], Cameroon Pidgin [wes], and Krio [kri].

Language Use

Used as a lingua franca in multilingual contexts as well as an in-group language among males in secondary schools and universities with the purpose of expressing group solidarity. Informal settings: playgrounds, on campus, in bars and dorms, in family homes among younger generations. Educated urban males under age 50 are likely to use it in informal settings.

Unwritten, Latin script is sometimes used in comics.
Other Comments

Spoken across ethnic groups.