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ottaris, Tue, 2015-01-27 14:34
ISO 639-3: 

From, which is the population section of Hagstofa Íslands, which in practice roughly means the National Statistical Bureau of Iceland, although the name means the Economic Institute of Iceland - and they are indeed concerned the economy, but also the national register. That leads to this quote: "Í lok 4. ársfjórðungs 2014 bjuggu 329.040 manns á Íslandi ..." which means "At the end of the last quarter of 2014 Iceland had 329,040 inhabitants." Look up and you will find an an alleged population of 381,400. Look up and you will find the resident Icelandic speaking population given as 230,000 and the total for all countries as 243,840. The figure 230,000 seems to be a leftover from the sixties or seventies. There is a English version of the Statistical Bureau here: You can gather all the relevant information there, but the current figures you give are incredibly wrong, All the best

Editorial Action

The speaker population figure given for Icelandic [isl] in Iceland dates from 1980.  This figure will be updated for the 18th edition.