A language of Nigeria


7,000 (Storch 1999). Ethnic population: Much more than 7,000 (Storch 1999).


Gombe State, Akko LGA. Pindiga dialect: Pindiga, Tumu, Kashere, Futuk, and Kaltanga; Gwana dialect: Gwana, Kasan Dare, Gobirawa, Katagum, Kwaya, Dizi, Digare, Jukon, Konan Kuka, and Andamin villages.

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Language Status

7 (Shifting).


Gwana, Pindiga. Gwana and Pindiga dialects mutually intelligible with difficulty. Reportedly similar to Wãpha [juw], Jiba [juo], Wapan [juk], Jukun Takum [jbu], and Jibu [jib], but not intelligible of them.

Language Use

In remote settlements, some children may still learn the language as L1 (Dimmendaal and Voeltz 2007). Home. Used by few children. Negative attitudes. Also use Bole [bol], English [eng], Hausa [hau], Jiba [juo], Nigerian Fulfulde [fuv], Pero [pip], Tangale [tan]. Used as L2 by Jiba [juo].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: 15% in Hausa or English. Motivation to read is high.
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