A language of Guinea

Alternate Names
Fulajon Kan, Fulajonkan, Jon Kule, Ourekabakan

10,000 (2012 V. Vydrin). Ethnic population: 50,000 (2012 V. Vydrin).


Mamou Region, east of Timbo, Sokotoro, Wure Kaba, and 33 other villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Kankalabe Kakabe, Kuru-Maninka, Sokotoro Kakabe, Wure-Maninka. Similar to Mogofin [mfg], but 250 km apart. Lexically similarity: 50% with Eastern Maninkakan [emk], 58% with Mogofin [mfg] (Rainwater 2002).

Language Use

The language is being abandoned by the younger generation in most of the area, with the exception of the Kankalabe subprefecture. All also use Pular [fuf], many also use Eastern Maninkakan [emk].

Language Development
Some are literate in Pular (Arabic script) or French [fra].
Other Comments

Ethnically separate from Eastern Maninkakan [emk]. Muslim.