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Jennifer Runner, Sat, 2015-07-04 22:16
Missing Language
ISO 639-3: 

I would like to suggest the addition of Yuwaalaraay, most likely as a dialect of Gamilaraay. Currently, Yuwaalaraay is not listed in the Ethnologue database at all. Yuwaalaraay and Gamilaraay are sometimes described as separate languages, but one dictionary is used for both, and Linguist List has Yuwaalaraay classified under Gamilaraay [kld-yuw]. I believe it should be included in the entry for Gamilaraay, unless there are plans to add it as a separate language. If this isn't possible, even a vague comment such as "Yuwaalaraay is a related variety" in the entry for Gamilaraay would be an improvement, since it would give Yuwaalaraay a searchable presence in the Ethnologue.
Sources: (lists several "child languages": Waalaraay, Yuwaalayaay, Gawambaraay, Yuwaalaraay, Wirriyaraay, Guyinbaraay, all with dialect subcodes using [kld] as the primary identifier) ("Yuwaalaraay and Gamilaraay home page") ("Yuwaalaraay-Gamilaraay Language Program") ("Placenames in Yuwaalaraay, Yuwaaliyaay and Gamilaraay")

Editorial Action

We will add Yuwaalaraay as a dialect name for Gamilaraay [kld] in Australia for the 19th edition.