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Kalasha writing system now in Latin script

Greg Cooper, Thu, 2014-07-03 00:21
ISO 639-3: 
in 1986 an Arabic script, Nastaliq style alphabet and orthography conventions were developed to comprehensively and efficiently represent the unique Kalasha phonological system, and was used in small distributions of published literacy materials (including through the schools) for about a decade or so. In 2000, 21 community leaders, teachers and students came together at a conference for four days to consider alternative options for writing their language. As a result of their lively discussions they voted unanimously to switch to Latin script. for writing Kalasha, the practicalities and details of which were then thoroughly discussed. This system has been in primary usage since then, including through several literacy and early reader publications and on the internet. (The Kalasha dictionary published in 1999 is trilingual - with all entries in Kalasha, Urdu and English. The orthography conventions used for Kalasha there have since been revised as a result of the orthography conference, and also subsequent orthography surveys.)