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Kamasau actually an endangered language

Joy Sanders, Thu, 2015-04-16 09:48
Language Status
ISO 639-3: 

I had written earlier giving feedback about the Kamasau language being classified under Language Status as 5 (Developing Language). I do not yet see my feedback reflected on the feedback page of the Ethnologue link. I found the link as I have been working on the Kamasau Webonary. This Webonary is about to go "live", hopefully next week. As I mentioned earlier, it appears that the status should be a 5 because there is a printed Dictionary and New Testament and years of literacy have been done in the area. However, the reality is that there is very little use of these resources, that schools as of July 2014 were being taught solely in English, and that not all parents are teaching their children the language. I would say that the language status should be a 6b-7, because the intergenerational transmission is in the process of being broken down. If you would like to have a copy of the paper written by Gillian Scoble summarizing the sociolinguistic survey she took during our language documentation stay of 3 weeks during June-July 2014, I would be glad to send a copy of that to you. It is possible that as a result of our visit in 2014, people have become more interested in revitalizing their language, but so far I do not have any feedback to confirm that. Sincerely, Joy Sanders Lived in the Kamasau area from 1977-1999. Revisited in 2007 and 2014.

Editorial Action

We will change the EGIDS value for Kamasau [kms] in the 19th edition database.