A language of Russian Federation

Alternate Names
Kama Permyak, Komi-Perm, Komi-Permyat, Permyak

63,100 (2010 census). Ethnic population: 125,000.


Komi-Permyak National Region, west of central Ural mountains, south of Komi-Zyrian.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


North Permyak (Kochin-Kam), South Permyak (Inyven), Zyudin. Lexical similarity: 80% with Komi-Zyrian [kpv] and Udmurt [udm].

Language Use

In the Komi-Permyak area there are villages where people speak hardly any other language except Komi-Permyak. Many children learn the language, but only in rural areas do they continue to use it as adults. Also use Russian [rus].

Language Development
Bible portions: 1866–2009.
Cyrillic script. Latin script, used during the 1930s and 1940s. Old Permic script, no longer in use.
Other Comments

Some literature available. Ancient literary and cultural traditions. More densely populated and mixed, higher education, and more assimilated to national culture than Komi-Zyrian. Christian, traditional religion.