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request for corrections of website mistake

Jamie Jungmi Kang, Thu, 2015-10-01 20:13
ISO 639-3: 

Dear Ethnologue, Hello Ethnologue, I'm Jamie Jungmi Kang and volunteering at The Korean Culture and Information Service(KOCIS). KOCIS serves as a communication bridge to promote South Korea overseas, to shed light on international cultural exchanges and to bring that news back to the Korean audience. I'm contacting you to ask to correct the mistake in the information about South Korea. Ethnologue introduces Jeju Island(please noted not 'Cheju Island') related to Korean language, as higher adult illiteracy, and lower comprehension of standard Korean. (http://www.ethnologue.com/language/kor). However, ‘Education Fever’ is quite hot in Jeju Island. Most people of Jeju Island can speak standard Korean, English, and other languages including Jeju dialect. Also, the rate of adult illiteracy in Jeju Island is very low. Also, the spelling for Korean states are wrong like ‘Chollado’ (North Chollado, South Chollado), ‘Ch’ungch’ongdo’ (North Ch’ungch’ong, South Ch’ungch’ong). ‘Chollado’ should be ‘Jeollado’, and ‘Ch’ungch’ongdo’ should be ‘Chungcheongdo’. Therefore, I'm writing to ask to change or delete the wrong information about Jeju Island, Chollado, and Ch’ungch’ongdo. I was wondering if it is acceptable to correct the information. Could you follow up on this? Thanks again for your help. Best Regards, Jamie Jungmi Kang

Editorial Action

We will change this information for Korean [kor] in the 19th edition database.