Kaba Naa, Sara


A language of Chad

Alternate Names
Dana, Kaba Na, Kaba Naa, Kaba Nar, Na, Sara Kaba

35,000 in Chad (1993 UBS). 5,560 in Bale village, 4,940 in Koskabo, 4,550 in Kyabé.


Moyen-Chari Region, Lac Iro department, centered in Kyabé.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


Dunje (Dendje, Denje, Dindje, Dinje, Dounje), Mbanga (Banga), Na, Tie (Tiye). The Dunje dialect may be the same as Sara Dunjo [koj] of Central African Republic. Sara Kaba Náà may be the same as Sara Kaba [sbz] of Central African Republic.

Language Use

Vigorous. Used as L2 by Gula [glu], Kulfa [kxj].

Language Development
NT: 1988.

Latin script [Latn], used in Chad.

Other Comments

Different from Kaba [ksp], Kaba Deme [kwg], Kulfa [kxj], or Laka [lap].

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