A language of India

Alternate Names
Bedia, Dharua, Khotta, Kurmali, Kurmali Thar, Kurumali

37,000 (IMA 1997).


Jharkhand, east side; West Bengal, west Purulia, Bankura Malda, Nadia, and Western Midnapur districts; Odisha, Keonjhar, Mayourbhanj, and Sundargargh districts; Assam, Darrang, Sonitpur, Golaghat, and Jorhat districts.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Lexical similarity: 58%–89% between varieties, 61%–86% with Panchpargania [tdb], 58%–72% with Khortha, 51%–73% with Sadri [sck], 46%–53% with Oriya [ory], 41%–55% with Bengali [ben], 44%–58% with Hindi [hin].

Language Use

Vigorous, but most young people in Odisha speak Oriya [ory] among themselves rather than Kudmali. All domains. All ages. Positive attitudes. Also use Oriya [ory], Hindi [hin], or Bengali [ben].

Language Development
There are Pre-degree, Degree, and Masters level programs in Kudmali.
Bengali script, used in West Bengal. Devanagari script, used in Jharkhand. Oriya script, used in Odisha.
Other Comments

Kudmali is spoken by the Kurmi people of Assam brought to the tea gardens from Bihar, Odisha, and West Bengal. Hindu.