Kadazan, Coastal

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Suggested EGIDS change from 8b to 6b

Louis Rose, Fri, 2014-08-08 10:43
Language Use
ISO 639-3: 

In email conversation with Rita Lasimbang, president of the Kadazandusun Language Foundation, she said the following regarding the EGIDS level for Coastal Kadazan: "1) Coastal Kadazan presently is in EGIDS 6b - Though it is threatened, by and large - Coastal Kadazan is still being used by the grandchildren generation of the community. We (I and a few others from KLF) attended a Community Based Language Development (CBLD) workshop in KK (in April 7 - 11, 2014) conducted by David Eberhard for a few of the language groups facilitators. The level of sustainability that Coastal Kadazan is aiming at is Sustainable Orality or about EGIDS 6a - Vigorous. KLF is continuously conducting awareness programs on the importance of using the mother tongue as an identity marker but most of all as a language specifically given by the Creator when the Kadazan people first came into being. This language movement is conducted along with the Indigenous Peoples Movement - as their linguistic rights. I must also share with you that the language scenario in Malaysia is changing...The Ministry of Education is now open to the teaching of indigenous languages - the teaching and learning of Murut and Iranun has gotten the green light - at what level, this depends on the capacity of the community itself. The Coastal Kadazan has applied for the teaching and learning of COASTAL KADAZAN. This would certainly maintain the vibrancy of the language. The present IP language being taught in the formal education is the standard form - Kadazandusun - which is yet to be accepted by the whole Dusunic community :(" With this communication, I am proposing a change from EGIDS 8b to 6b. - Louie Rose

Editorial Action

We will make this change in our 18th edition database.