A language of Italy

Alternate Names
Ligure, Zenéize

500,000 in Italy (2002). Population total all countries: 505,100.


North, Liguria Region, east and west of Genoa along the Riviera and mountain hinterland; Saint Pietro and Saint Antioch islands off Sardinia southwest coast; Sardinia, Carloforte and Calasetta cities.

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Language Status

5 (Developing).


Genoese (Genoan, Genovese). Ligurian is reportedly more similar to Piemontese [pms], Lombard [lmo], and French [fra] than to standard Italian [ita].

Language Use

Also use Italian [ita].

Language Development
Newspapers. Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 1860.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Ligurian has had a literature since the 1200s and the Genoese variant was widely used alongside the Mediterranean because of the commercial and nautical importance of the Republic of Genoa. That is why Zenéize (meaning Genoese) is one of its alternate names.

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