Lawa, Eastern


A language of Thailand

Alternate Names
Bo Luang Lawa, “Lua” (pej.)

7,000 (2007 R. Nahhas). Ethnic population: 8,000.


North, Chiangmai Province, Hot district, Bo Luang and Bo Sali subdistricts. 16 villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Bo Luang, Bo Sangae. Not intelligible with most Mae Hong Son Lawa dialects [lcp].

Language Use

Very high language vitality. All domains except government and education (which are in Central Thai). All ages. Positive attitudes. Interested in language maintenance. Proud of Lawa history and culture. Also use Northern Thai [nod], for government and school; Central Thai [tha] with outsiders.

Language Development
Literacy in Central Thai is common.
Thai script.