Malay, Baba

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ISO 639-3 Code Mistype

Edward Hess, Sat, 2015-11-21 13:34
ISO 639-3: 

In the following excerpt, the incorrect ISO 639-3 code is given for Hokkien: "those in Penang, Malaysia speak a localized version of Hokkien [hnh] (2006, Tan Chee Beng)." The corresponding ISO code for Hokkien should be [nan] (Chinese, Min Nan), as it is mentioned elsewhere in the Dialects field as well as the rest of the report. The fact that in this instance, the wrong code is given, leads me to believe that this is simply a 'typo'. Nevertheless, I think that it is important to correct it in the next edition. The ISO code [hnh] links to //Ani, not Hokkien or Min Nan Chinese.

Editorial Action

We will fix this code error on the current website and in the 19th edition database of the Ethnologue.