A language of Cameroon

Alternate Names
Maslava, Ndreme, Pelasla

8,500 (1992 SIL). Few monolinguals.


Far North Region, Mayo-Sava division, Mora and Tokombere subdivisions, Southern Mora massif south of Mora.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


Hurzo, Ndreme, Pelasla. Pelasla is more similar to Wuzlam [udl] than the other dialects are.

Language Use

Pelasla men almost always marry Wuzlam women; children grow bilingual in their own home. Home, village, church, public meetings. All ages. Very positive attitudes. High bilingualism with Wuzlam [udl], Wandala [mfi], and Fulfulde [fub]. Educated youth also use French [fra].

Language Development
Plans for use in primary schools. Secondary pupils come from 4 different language groups (Wuzlam, Vame, Muyang and Mada). Older population largely illiterate; schoolchildren can read French and those who have been to Vame literacy classes can read Vame, also some Pelasla adults have learned Fulfulde in the church literacy classes. Many children do not go to school; parents do not always find education important. Poetry. Films. Dictionary. Bible portions: 2007.
Latin script.
Other Comments

Pelasla is one of 6 ethnic groups: Pelasla, Mbreme, Ndereme, Afaem, Dumwa, Hurzo. Traditional religion, Christian.