A language of Chad


278,000 (2006). 137,000 Bilala, 76,700 Kuka, and 19,200 Medogo.


Batha Region, Batha Est department, Ati subprefecture; Batha Ouest department, Oum Hadjer subprefecture; Hadjer-Lamis Region, Dababa department, Bokoro subprefecture. Bilala dialect: around Lake Fitri east to Ati; Kuka dialect: Bokoro subprefecture, Moïto to Bokoro, and Ati to Oum Hadjer; Medogo dialect: southwest of Ati.

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Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Bilala (Bilaala, Boulala, Bulala, Ma, Mage), Kuka (Kouka, Lisi), Medogo (Modogo, Mud). Related but not inherently intelligible with Berakou [bxv] or Kenga [kyq]. Lexical similarity: between Bilala, Kuka, and Medogo dialects is 99%.

Language Use

Some also use Chadian Spoken Arabic [shu]. One part of the Kuka ethnic group, who live near Oum Hadjer, have shifted to Chadian Spoken Arabic.

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Other Comments

Bilala, Kuka, and Medogo are 3 ethnic groups who share a common culture and speak essentially the same language, Ethnonym: Naba by all 3 groups. Muslim.