Naga Pidgin


A language of India

Alternate Names
Bodo, Kachari Bengali, Naga Creole Assamese, Naga-Assamese, Nagamese

30,000 (Holm 1989).


Nagaland, Kohima district, Dimapur subdivision; Arunachal Pradesh border area.

Language Maps
Language Status

3 (Wider communication).


A variety least similar to Assamese [asm] is spoken by the Yimchenger Naga, and varieties most similar to Assamese by the Angami Naga, and around Dimapur and Kohima.

Language Use

L1 for the Kachari in Dimapur area, a small community, and among children of interethnic marriages. Used by most of the speakers of 29 Naga languages as L2.

Language Development
Taught in primary schools as language of instruction. Taught in secondary schools. Grammar.
Latin script.