A language of South Africa

Alternate Names
‡Khomani, Nghuki, Ng’uki

12 (2005 N. Crawhall), decreasing. Ethnic population: 500 (1998 N. Crawhall).


Askham area, 2 at Andriesvale, 1 at Witdraai; 2 in Olifantshoek, 3 at Upington; Upinton area. 1 at Kalksloot, 1 in Raaswater, 2 at Kang (southern Botswana, near Tsabong).

Language Status

8b (Nearly extinct).


||Kxau, ||Ng!ke (||Ng, |Ing|ke, Ng||-|e), |’Auni, N|u. Reportedly similar to |Xam [xam].

Language Use

Older adults. Mixed attitudes. Concerned that N|u is dying out. Youth have strong loyalty to Nama [naq], not shared by N|u speakers. Also use Afrikaans [afr] fluently. Also use Nama [naq] (Khoekhoegowab) fluently.

Language Development
Literacy is in Afrikaans.
Other Comments

‡Khomani’ is the ethnic group name. Ng’uki is an incorrect name. The |’Auni dialect has no remaining speakers. Christian, traditional religion.