Nepalese Sign Language


A language of Nepal

Alternate Names
Nepali Sign Language

5,740 (2001 census). Most are monolingual.


Central and east.

Language Status

5 (Developing).


Kathmandu, Pokhara. Developed from local and introduced signs. Related to Indian [ins] and Pakistan [pks] sign languages.

Language Use

Used by United States Peace Corps. All domains. All ages. Some comprehension of Nepali [npi] by those who have become literate.

Language Development
Taught in primary and secondary schools. Magazines. Films. TV. Videos. Dictionary.
Other Comments

The Nepal Federation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing starts schools for the deaf in the larger towns. A few other smaller organizations also work with the deaf and have Nepalese Sign Language [nsp] classes for the hearing. Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim.