A language of Sudan

Alternate Names
Inyimang, Nyima, Nyiman, Nyimang, Nyuwing

70,000 (1982 SIL). Elderly and young children are monolingual.


South Kordofan, Jebel Nyimang hills area, Mandal hills, Kalara, Koromiti, Nitil, Al Fous, Kakara, Hajar Sultan, Salara, Tundia, Fuony, and other villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

5 (Developing).


Ama, Mandal (Male). 80% similarity between Ama and Mandal dialects. Lexical similarity: 59% with Afitti [aft].

Language Use

L1 widely used, even by children. All domains. All ages. Education is in Arabic [arb].

Language Development
Ama orthography and literacy materials developed. Grammar. Bible portions: 1950.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Called Nyuwing by some Hill Nubian languages; people on the Mandal Hills (Sobay (Sud), Adlan, Bade, Kule, Wulal) used to speak the Kudur dialect of Dilling [dil], but now only speak Ama.