This page reports feedback that has been received for the Ethnologue description of this language.
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Correct name of the language

Aneel David, Thu, 2015-02-12 04:56
Alternate Names
ISO 639-3: 

I am native speaker of Oadki language and also linguist, working with SIL for the development of our language. I would like to tell you that Oad or Od is not the name of language istead it is the name of our community or people. Oadki or Odki is the language. We spell here in Pakistan Oad and Oadki.

Editorial Action

I have requested that the submitter of this feedback submit a Change Request to ISO 639-3 to have the name officially changed to Oadki.  In the meantime, we will add Oadki as an alternate name for this language [odk] in the 19th edition database.