A language of Kenya

Alternate Names
Akie, Akiek, Kinare, “Ndorobo” (pej.), Ogiek

79,000 in Kenya (2009 census). Ethnic population: 20,000.


Rift Valley Province, Nakuru district, east Mau escarpment. Sogoo dialect in Mau forest south between Amala and Ewas Ng’iro rivers near Nosogami stream. Also in Tanzania.

Language Maps
Language Status

7 (Shifting).


Okiek, Sogoo (Sokoo), Suiei.

Language Use

Some languages associated with Okiek have few remaining speakers. Akiek in northern Tanzania now speak Maasai [mas]. Those of Kinare in Kenya now speak Gikuyu [kik]. Those in Tanzania and Kenya are not in contact with each other. Sogoo dialect may be extinct. Home, social gatherings.

Other Comments

“Ndorobo” is a pejorative term for several hunter or forest groups that are not linguistically related (El Molo, Yaaku, Okiek, Omotik, Aasáx). Christian.

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