A language of Kenya

Alternate Names
Akie, Akiek, Kinare, “Ndorobo” (pej.), Ogiek

79,000 in Kenya (2009 census).


Rift Valley Province, Nakuru district, east Mau escarpment. Sogoo dialect in Mau forest south between Amala and Ewas Ng’iro rivers near Nosogami stream.

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Language Status

7 (Shifting).


Okiek, Sogoo (Sokoo), Suiei. A member of macrolanguage Kalenjin [kln].

Language Use

Some languages associated with Okiek have few remaining speakers. Akiek in northern Tanzania now speak Maasai [mas]. Those of Kinare in Kenya now speak Gikuyu [kik]. Those in Tanzania and Kenya are not in contact with each other. Sogoo dialect may be extinct. Home, social gatherings.

Other Comments

“Ndorobo” is a pejorative term for several hunter or forest groups that are not linguistically related (El Molo, Yaaku, Okiek, Omotik, Aasáx). Christian.

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