A language of Peru

Alternate Names
Agua, Anapia, Ariana, Cambeba, Cambeeba, Cambela, Campeba, Canga-Peba, Compeva, Kambeba, Macanipa, Omagua-Yete, Pariana, Umaua, Yhuata

No known L1 speakers in Peru. Ethnic population: 630 (1976).


Loreto Region, San Joaquín de Omaguas, San Salvador de Omaguas, El Porvenir, Grau, and other settlements on lower Marañón left bank, near Ucayali river mouth.

Language Status

9 (Dormant).


None known. Reportedly most similar to Cocama-Cocamilla [cod].

Language Use

Persons 40 years old used to understand their parents but do not speak the language themselves (Crevels 2007). No children. 100% also use Cocama-Cocamilla [cod]. 100% also use Spanish [spa].

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