Panjabi, Eastern


A language of India

Alternate Names
Eastern Punjabi, Gurmukhi, Gurumukhi, Punjabi

28,200,000 in India (2001 census). Population total all countries: 29,518,600.


Punjab, south Firozpur district, Bhatyiana; Rajasthan, north Ganganagar district, Bhatyiana; Haryana; Delhi; Jammu and Kashmir. Majhi dialect in Punjab, Gurdaspur and Amritsar districts. Also in Bangladesh, Canada, Fiji, Kenya, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.

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Language Status

2 (Provincial). Statutory provincial language in Punjab, West Bengal states; union territories Delhi, Chandigarh (1950, Constitution, Schedule VIII).


Bathi, Bhatyiana (Bhatneri, Bhatti), Doab, Majhi, Malwa, Panjabi Proper, Powadhi. Western Panjabi [pnb] is distinct from Eastern Panjabi, although there is a chain of dialects to Western Hindi (Urdu) [urd]. Bhatyiana dialect considered a mixture of Panjabi and Marwari [mve]. Majhi considered the purest Panjabi form (Grierson and Konow 1901–1929).

Language Development
Radio programs. Grammar. Bible: 1959–2002.
Arabic script. Gurmukhi script, primary usage. Khojki script.
Other Comments

Associated with Sikhs. Different from Majhi [mjz] in India and Nepal. Sikh, Muslim (Bhatneri).

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