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20,000 in Thailand (2001). Possibly 3,000 Ban Wen dialect speakers. Population total all countries: 41,900.


North, Nan Province, Thung Chang, Chalerm Prakiat, Chiang Klang, Bo Klua, and Pua districts. Also in Laos.

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Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Ban Wen, Prai, Southern Prai. The main dialect of Prai has 2 subvarieties referred to as, R and Y, which are reportedly minimally different. Ban Wen dialect shares cognates with both Mal [mlf] and Prai, but is unintelligible to Mal speakers.

Language Use

Most Prai also speak Northern Thai [nod] (Kammüang).

Language Development
Literacy materials include a set of primers and lessons. Dictionary.
Thai script.
Other Comments

Distinct from Mal [mlf]. Lua is a self-reported language name for many Prai and Mal. The Southern dialect is called Longhouse (Jordan-Diller and Diller 2004). About 12 villages, mostly in Bo Klua District, with a few villages in Pua District. Ban Wen dialect speakers live in 10–15 villages, primarily in Bo Klua District, with some in Chalerm Prakiat District.

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