Romani, Baltic

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Luc Jouve, Mon, 2015-04-27 11:22
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ISO 639-3: 

I have recently been able to participate in the publishing of the Complete Bible in the Romani Baltic language. This has been done with the support of some UBS consultants by a belarussian Romani man named Valdemar Kalinin who has a vast knowledge of the complex Romani landsacpe. According to his statement and to different other sources (Wycliffe missionary...), Baltic Romani language is spoken by more than 100'000 people with the main Roma population in the following countries : Russia, Belarus (12-15'000 people) Poland, Lithuania, latvia, Estonia, Kazakstan but also by large populations in Ukraine, Moldova, Finland and China. Even though the language is common to these countries (7 dialect exist and are mutually intelligible), depending on the countries, the cyrillic alphabet (former soviet countries) is used or the latin alphabet It looks that the informations regading this language are a bit outdated or unprecize. If you are interested, I could provide you the name and address of this man who is living in London and speaking perfectly english. Kind regards,