A language of Spain

Alternate Names
Gitano, Hispanoromani, Iberian Romani

40,000 in Spain. Population total all countries: 70,000.


Scattered. Also in Brazil, France, Portugal.

Language Status

5 (Developing).


Brazilian Calão, Catalonian Caló, Portuguese Calão (Calão, Lusitano-Romani), Spanish Caló. Gypsy language very different from other Romani. A cryptological variety of Spanish [spa] (I. Hancock 1995). McLane found 300 to 400 words based on Romani, but no individual acquainted with more than 100. Regional dialects have Iberian base of Caló, where boundary between Spanish and Portuguese [por] is not distinct.

Language Use

Also use Spanish [spa].

Language Development
Grammar. Bible portions: 1837–1872.
Latin script.
Other Comments

Movement to revive defunct inflected Spanish Romani; book printed in it (Hancock 1990). Christian.

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