A language of Morocco

Alternate Names
Shilha, Soussiya, Southern Shilha, Susiya, Tachilhit, Tashelheyt, Tashelhit, Tashilheet, Tashlhiyt, Tasoussit

3,890,000 in Morocco (2004 census).


Southwest, coast south to Ifni, north to near Agadir, northeast to Marrakech outskirts, east to Draa, including Sous valley, and south near the border.

Language Status

5 (Developing).

Language Use

Many men also use Arabic [ary]. Many women do not learn Arabic.

Language Development
Taught in primary schools, occasionally. Poetry. Newspapers. New media. Radio programs. Films. TV. Videos. Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 2010.

Arabic script [Arab]. Latin script [Latn]. Tifinagh (Berber) script [Tfng], official usage.

Other Comments

‘Shilha’ is the Arabic name for Moroccan Berber varieties in general. Muslim.

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