A language of Indonesia

Alternate Names
Oria, Uria, Warpok, Warpu

1,600 (1985 P. Fields). No monolinguals. 900 in Unurum-Guay, 100 in Bonggo subdistrict, 600 in Lereh subdistrict.


Papua Province, Unurum-Guay, Bonggo, and Lereh subdistricts, Taja, Witi, and Wamho (formerly of Orya) villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Barat (West Orya), Timur (East Orya), Yapsi-Taja. Slight dialect differences.

Language Use

Children learn Orya in most cases. All domains. Positive attitudes. All also use Indonesian [ind], Papuan Malay [pmy]; Indonesian used in religion, some commerce, especially when outsiders are present. Very few also use Sause [sao].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: 5%–15%. Some adult literacy classes. NT: 2005.
Latin script.
Other Comments

Uria is a misspelling used earlier. Glossonym: Warpok by the Nimboran. Traditional religion, Christian.