A language of Cameroon

Alternate Names
’Abotee, ’Abwetee, Baboute, Bamboute, Boute, Bubure, Bule, Bute, Foute, Luvure, Nbule, Pute, Voute, Voutere, Woute, Wute

20,000 in Cameroon (1997 L. Lode). 300 in Banyo (1995 B. Connell). Population total all countries: 21,000.


Center Region, northeast Mbam division; Upper Sanaga division, near Nanga-Eboko and Mbandjok; Adamawa Region, Mayo-Banyo and Djerem divisions (near Tibati and Banyo); some in East Region, west Lom and Djerem divisions.

Language Status

5 (Developing).


Bute Bamnyo (Vute de Banyo), Kumbere (Vute de Sangbe), Nduvum (Vute de Tibati), Ngoro (Vute de Ngorro), Nudoo (Vute de Yangba), Nugane (Vute de Doume), Nujum (Vute de Linte), Vute Mbanjo (Vute de Mbandjok).

Language Use

Vute de Banyo is still used daily, but seems heavily influenced by Fulfulde [fub]. All ages. Also use French [fra].

Language Development
Literacy rate in L2: 15%–25%. NT: 2007.

Latin script [Latn].

Other Comments

Traditional religion, Christian.

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