Moroccan Sign Language


A language of Morocco

Alternate Names

Tetouan, other cities.

Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Algerian Sign Language [asp] influenced the deaf community of 60 to 70 men in north city of Oujda. Lexical similarity: less than 50% with American Sign Language [ase].

Language Use

Many deaf women do not leave their homes or do not sign in the streets, so it is difficult to determine numbers. Association Nanane, a school in the north, had about 30 students, ages 4 to 21. MSL used in 3 programs for the deaf. Communities in Rabat, Tangier, and Casa Blanca do not use MSL. Used by United States Peace Corps. Most deaf people cannot read, write or understand Arabic [arb].

Language Development
Other Comments

Developed from local and introduced signs.