Yiddish, Eastern


A language of Ukraine


634,000 in Ukraine (1991). Total users in all countries: 1,541,290.

Language Status

5 (Dispersed).


Southeastern Yiddish (Podolian, Volhynian). Many loans from Hebrew [heb] and local languages. Eastern and Western [yih] Yiddish have difficult inherent intelligibility due to differing histories and influences from other languages. Some Western Yiddish [yih] in Israel (1977 M. Herzog). A member of macrolanguage Yiddish [yid].


SVO; prepositions; noun head final; gender (masculine, feminine, neuter); definite and indefinite articles; verb affixes mark person, number; 20 consonant, 6 vowels and 3 diphthongs; non-tonal; stress on first syllable.

Language Development
Magazines. Radio programs. Bible: 1821–1936.

Hebrew script [Hebr].

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