Arabic, Judeo-Iraqi


A language of Israel

Alternate Names
Arabi, Iraqi Judeo-Arabic, Jewish Iraqi-Baghdadi Arabic, Yahudic

100,000 in Israel (1994). Population total all countries: 151,820.

Language Status

7 (Shifting).


None known. Reportedly not intelligible with Judeo-Tripolitanian Arabic [yud], Judeo-Tunisian Arabic [ajt], or Judeo-Moroccan Arabic [aju]. Reportedly similar to Baghdadi Arabic and North Mesopotamian Arabic [acm]. A member of macrolanguage Judeo-Arabic [jrb].

Language Use

Mainly older adults. Also use Hebrew [heb].


Hebrew script [Hebr].

Other Comments

The term Yahudic is used by a few scholars to denote all Judeo-Arabic languages. Jewish.

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