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andrew_wolfe, Fri, 2014-05-02 18:59
Other Comments
ISO 639-3: 
Currently it is stated that "Bideyat and Zaghawa dialects sometimes called Beria (Beri)." Bideyat and Zaghawa are both Arabic language exonyms. Beria is the endonym for both Bideyat and Zaghawa populations. Beri is the corresponding ethnic designation. The -a suffix means "mouth" in Beria and refers to the language of the Beri people. The "Other Comments" section should reflect these facts.
Editorial Action
This is good information. The changes will be made to introduce Beria as the autoglottonym for [zag], with notes that Zaghawa and Bediyat are Arabic exonyms and Beri is the ethnonym. These changes will be made in the 18th edition database; the 18th edition will be published early next year (2015).