Languages of Hungary


An Ethnologue Country Report, 22 pp.

A PDF document that collates all the information from Ethnologue about the languages situation in Hungary. The report is disseminated as a digital download. It is paginated with cross-references as page numbers so that the user may print it and use it in that form. The cross-reference page numbers are loss hot links that jump to the referenced location when the report is used with a PDF reader.

The report has the following contents:

  • Country overview information including a histogram showing a language status profile
  • Statistical summaries that tabulate number of languages and speakers by language status, by language size, and by language family
  • Alphabetical listing of Ethnologue descriptions for the 15 languages of Hungary
  • A listing of languages by population
  • A listing of languages by EGIDS status
  • A listing of languages by language family
  • An index of ISO 639-3 codes
  • An index of language names (including primary, alternate, and dialect names)
  • A bibliography of references cited