Ethnologue: Language Family Index

North Caucasian

North Caucasian (34)
North Central (3)
Batsi (1)
BATS [BBL] (Georgia)
Chechen-Ingush (2)
CHECHEN [CJC] (Russia, Europe)
INGUSH [INH] (Russia, Europe)
Northeast (26)
Avaro-Andi-Dido (14)
Andi (8)
AKHVAKH [AKV] (Russia, Europe)
ANDI [ANI] (Russia, Europe)
BAGVALAL [KVA] (Russia, Europe)
BOTLIKH [BPH] (Russia, Europe)
CHAMALAL [CJI] (Russia, Europe)
GHODOBERI [GDO] (Russia, Europe)
KARATA [KPT] (Russia, Europe)
TINDI [TIN] (Russia, Europe)
Avar (1)
AVAR [AVR] (Russia, Europe)
Dido (5)
BEZHTA [KAP] (Russia, Europe)
DIDO [DDO] (Russia, Europe)
HINUKH [GIN] (Russia, Europe)
HUNZIB [HUZ] (Russia, Europe)
KHVARSHI [KHV] (Russia, Europe)
Lak-Dargwa (2)
DARGWA [DAR] (Russia, Europe)
LAK [LBE] (Russia, Europe)
Lezgian (10)
AGHUL [AGX] (Russia, Europe)
ARCHI [ARC] (Russia, Europe)
BUDUKH [BDK] (Azerbaijan)
KHINALUGH [KJJ] (Azerbaijan)
KRYTS [KRY] (Azerbaijan)
LEZGI [LEZ] (Russia, Europe)
RUTUL [RUT] (Russia, Europe)
TABASSARAN [TAB] (Russia, Europe)
TSAKHUR [TKR] (Azerbaijan)
UDI [UDI] (Azerbaijan)
Northwest (5)
Abkhaz-Abazin (2)
ABAZA [ABQ] (Russia, Europe)
ABKHAZ [ABK] (Georgia)
Circassian (2)
ADYGHE [ADY] (Russia, Europe)
KABARDIAN [KAB] (Russia, Europe)
Ubyx (1)
UBYKH [UBY] (Turkey)

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