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Before writing to us, please read these frequently-asked questions about the Ethnologue.

Can you send me more information about country X or language Y?
SIL has published materials on only a fraction of all the world's languages. See the SIL Bibliography and the SIL Publications Catalog. The area pages in the Ethnologue have a section of links to external (non-SIL) resources related to countries and languages. Here are some of the primary resources:*

Here are some area-specific resources:

How can I learn to speak language X? Can you send me a dictionary or language learning materials?
We do not teach specific languages such as Spanish, Turkish, Mohawk, or Tok Pisin. Rather, we teach linguistics (how to analyze a language) and language learning techniques (how to learn a language on your own). Try the sources mentioned in the previous answer.

How many languages are there in the world?
See the Introduction and Geographical Distribution of Living Languages

For a different approach to language classification look at The Linguasphere.

Which languages have the most speakers? How many people speak language X?
See Top 100 Languages by Population.

How do I say ... in language X? What is the etymology of my name?
We regret that we cannot answer questions like these. You might try these sites:

2016 update: Please note that the links on this page have not been checked and most of them probably do not work. They are left here for historicity.

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