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A language of Indonesia (Maluku)

ISO 639-3: tlb

Population 27,720 (2000 WCD).
Region North Maluku, north Halmahera Island, Tobelo, Kao, and Jailolo districts, and Maba and Wasile districts, Halmahera Tengah; northern half of Morotai, all coastal areas of Kao Bay and inland, Patani, Weda, Gane, Bacan, Obi, Ambon, Raja Ampat islands of Papua, Sorong, Papua.
Dialects Dodinga, Bo├źng, Tobelo (Heleworuru).
Classification West Papuan, North Halmahera, North, Tobelo
Language use Positive language attitude. Speakers also use Indonesian.
Language development Literacy rate in first language: 1% to 5%. Literacy rate in second language: 25% to 50%. Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1993.
Comments Tobelo taught in middle school in Tobelo town. Traditional religion, Christian.