A language of Tajikistan

Alternate Names
Afghana-Yi Nasfurush, Afghana-Yi Siyarui, Laghmani, Pbharya

3,000 in Tajikistan (2008). Population total all countries: 4,000.


Hissar valley.

Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


May be Marwari [rwr] dialect, related to Panjabi [pan], or Laghman dialect of Southeast Pashayi [psi] of Afghanistan. Subgroups: Kalu, Jitain, Juni, Maggar, Bisiyan, Mussali, Shuiya.

Language Use

Despite small population, it is spoken more vigorously amongst themselves than larger language groups. Uzbek and Tajiki men who marry Parya women learn Parya and become assimilated into the community. Home. Also use Tajiki [tgk].


Unwritten [Qaax].

Other Comments

Came in 1880 to Tajikistan from Laghman, Afghanistan. Ethnic autonym: Changgars. Subgroup names similar to Changgars of Lahore, and to names used for groups mistakenly called Gypsies. Muslim (Sunni).

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