A language of India

Alternate Names
Boonan, Bunan, Erankad, Ghara, Keylong Boli, Lahuli of Bunan, Poonan, Punan

4,000 (1997).


Himachal Pradesh, Gahr Valley along Bhaga river from confluence with the Chandra and upstream, Biling, Kardang, Kyelang, Guskyar, Yurnad, Gumrang, Barbog, Paspara, Pyukar, and Styering villages.

Language Maps
Language Status

6b (Threatened).


Lexical similarity: 39% with Sunam [ssk], 26%–39% with varieties of Chamba Lahuli (Pattani) [lae], 37% with Tinani [lbf], 26%–34% with some varieties of Central Tibetan [bod], 34% with Jangshung [jna] and Shumcho [scu], 31% with Kinnaur Bhoti [nes], 30% with Chitkuli [cik] and Nesang (Tukpa) [tpq], 24% with Lhasa dialect of Central Tibetan [bod], 23% with Kanauri [kfk].


Only singular and plural number; no gender indicated in verbs or pronouns.

Language Use

All domains.

Language Development
Literacy rate in L1: Below 1%. Bible portions: 1911–1923.

Takri (Tankri, Takari) script [Takr], no longer in use. Tibetan script [Tibt].

Other Comments

Bodh caste, but speak a different language from Bodhs of Mayar, Khoksar, and Stod valleys. They consider themselves different from Bodhs of the north, whom they call Tibetans. Buddhist.