Alternate Names
Ebila, Forest Bira, Kibila, Western Bila

40,000 (1993 SIL).


Orientale province: Ituri district, Irumu territory; Nord-Kivu province: northwest of Beni.

Language Status

6a (Vigorous).


Bombi-Ngbanja, Nyaku. Lexical similarity: 94% between dialects, closely related to other Bira languages: 80% with Kaiku [kkq], 72% with Bhele [bhy], 70% with Komo [kmw], nearly 60% with Bera [brf] and Amba [rwm], 46% with Beeke [bkf], 45% with Bwa [bww], 40% with Lika [lik] and Bali [bcp], 26% with Mbo [zmw], 22% with Budu [buu] and Ndaka [ndk].

Language Use

About 25% of men, 10%–15% of women have routine proficiency in Congo Swahili [swc], older adults have none.

Other Comments

Traditional religion, Christian.